Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a difference a year makes...

Yep, that was me one year ago! wonder I had a 9 pound baby girl-HA!  This pic was actually taken at the most amazing "Sprinkle" you could ever imagine.  First of all, let me explain the "sprinkle" thing.  This was baby #2 for us and another girl at that, so there really was no need to ask people to shower us with massive amounts of baby loot.  As much, we discovered the sprinkle.  It was smaller and much more, for lack of a better word, demure.  Sussie, Libby & my Mom put together a gorgeous afternoon tea at a lovely little bakery in Old Town.  We snacked on curry chicken salad finger sandwiches and then gorged on the dessert platters

The non-preggos (that would be everyone in attendance other than moi) sipped champagne and there were three different tea options passed around.  It truly was amazing!  The good part about the sprinkle was that the gifts we received were so personal and things that we really did need.  Sussie made this gorgeous diaper cake...named her "Elegant Baby Cake"

And Libby made the adorable white basket (decorated with a PSA Stamp none the less) and filled it with silly things that made me laugh!  Baby gifts are something that I really love more than most others.  They are things that will be cherished by the child and family for years to come.  Ella still sleeps with the blanket that my Grandmother knitted for her.  She gave it to me at our baby shower over four years ago and needless to say, I cried.  While knitting a blanket may be beyond some of us, adding a personal touch to a store bought blanket with either a name, monogram or date is so easy and can mean just as much.  I have been invited to a very posh baby shower celebrating our dear friend Erin and her soon to arrive little girl and have come up with the perfect gift
Our 2.5 quart Jack and Jill bucket filled with a sippy cup, baby blanket and set of orbit labels, all monogrammed...of course!!!  Personal and practical at the same time, and we all know how much I love that!  The bucket will be perfect for holding stuffed animals in her room, or in our case, filled up as a portable changing station to move around the house with us.  And I'm hoping that her baby girl will love to snuggle with her blanket as much as both of my girls do.
And Miss O is doing it as we speak!  (I just snuck upstairs and took this!)  This is the blanket my Grandmother made for her.  I can't believe how big she is or the fact that I ordered the invites for her 1st Birthday yesterday!  What a difference a year (or a simple monogram;))can make!!!

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