Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Time (And My Way!)

Yes!  Kids Back To School = Mommy Time!  Yeah, I know we are still keeping the house, running the errands, doing the laundry, cooking the meals, (the list goes on forever!) but there is still a little time in there for just us.  Me, I choose to spend mine on the tennis court.  If you have ever played with me, then you know this is a good choice as I can use ALL the practice I can get!  Oh and isn't it convenient that Libby's husband is a tennis pro-SCORE!

So this year I am hoping to be a little more fierce on and off the court.  Last season I was that girl on the team who wanted all of us in matching uniforms.  Sure, we may have come in last in our division, but the other teams at least thought we looked good!  So to take it to the next level look what I found...
 Aren't they awesome!!  Personally going with the Polka Dot Hippo, but the Snowy Midnight with blue trim is also amazing!  With three different styles of bags to choose from, there really is something for everyone.  Whether you like to carry the everything but the kitchen sink to your match (use the Venus Carry All) or are a minimalist (go for the Serena Tennis Racket Bag) it's all there!  Thinking somewhere in the middle for me, so that would be the Tara Tennis Backpack-so chic and sporty! And when I work up a sweat and need a sip of water on my change-over...
Still deciding on my name or my name team name, thoughts?  So excited to get out there and take some time for me, you know, help keep me sane?!?  How will you spend your free time now that the kids are at school?  Whatever you are doing, make sure you are doing it in style...and personalized!

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