Monday, August 22, 2011

Gifting Guru

As many of y'all know, one of the main reasons we started Little Miss Monogram was because we LOVE giving gifts!  Sure, it is fun to get them as well, but seeing the look on someone's face when they open that gift that you found for them is kind of the best gift of all!  I love love love when a friend comes and asks for advice on what they should get someone and when a groom comes with that question, I just melt.  Guys buying guys gifts is a liquor store's dream!  I could not tell you the last time one of Ricker's buddy's birthdays passed with out a trip to pick up a bottle of Crown Royal or Jager Meister.  So when it comes to grooms men gifts, I kinda like to help open up their minds a little wider.

When Rick and I got married 7 (yeah, 7!!!) years ago, all the girls got pretty pearl bracelets with a monogrammed silver disc (imagine that!) and the groomsmen received silver cuff links.  So classy and timeless but we were lucky.  We were able to give these gifts because we were the first to get married and all of the guys did not already have 7 or 8 pairs of monogrammed cuff links from the previous 7-8 weddings they had been in.  And due to the fact that Rick would loose his head if it wasn't attached, we don't mind the reuse of a silver money clip as a groomsmen gift as we go through those like tissues around here.  But how about a few new ideas:
I love this silver plated can cooler.  Yeah, I know it's a coozie, but it's too classy of a coozie not to be called a "can cooler."  This would help that Coors Light sitting on your coffee table much more attractive!  Or what about this:
A beautiful, 11 tool, rosewood pocket knife is the perfect gift for any man, let alone a groomsman!  Rick may actually need one of these.....Now the next request I received was for ideas for personalized party favors for kid's parties.  Anyone have any ideas?  I know what everyone will be receiving at Miss O's big first birthday and it is one of my personal obsessions!  Happy Monday...

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  1. Great gift ideas! Wish LMM was around in May!!