Thursday, August 18, 2011

Off To The Market

So you've heard me gush about our awesome Farmer's Market every Thursday and today will be no exception!  It is a beautiful day here and you can almost feel fall creeping in on us!  (Which no doubt leads to football season, YES!)  Ella gets out of school at 3 and then we are off to the market!  Today we are on the search for more of the fresh peppers we bought last week and also headed right for the pasta guy.  He is amazing!  His fresh ravioli are delicious and he comes up with some of the most creative combinations.  What about shrimp and butter bean and shrimp or truffled lobster? Mmmmmm....But today we are going to get some of his fresh pasta, hoping that he has his basil angel hair to pair with the D'Anna's homemade meatballs!  (I snagged the recipe from them and cannot wait to try and master it!)  Fresh dinner from the farm tonight!  Oh and look how stylish we will be walking around the market with our monogrammed canvas tote

It is the perfect size to hold all of our goodies (and we will be saving the planet one plastic bag at a time!)  The pocket in front holds my cell phone and the straps are just long enough!  While Libby wants one for the beach, I think that mine may become my every day bag!  It also comes in Red, Black and Royal Blue.  Personalize in a different color thread for an added punch.  Well Miss Ows is just waking up from her nap so I'm off to load the car for the farmer's market and don't worry my bright pink umbrella is ready to go!  We may be the most posh, personalized people there! 

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  1. Love the farmer's market AND the D'Anna's meatballs!