Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bittersweet Birthday Invites

How did that become this...
Thanks to the amazing Photography by Dayle!
It truly feels like just yesterday I was picking out O's going home outfit and today I mailed off the invites to her big First Birthday Party!  Never one to do things on a small scale (I mean look at the bow in that child's hair!), this party is sure to be no exception. 

The invitation is a vital part of any party.  It sets the tone and let's the guests have a peek at what they are in for!  Tiny Prints is a favorite website of ours for everything from birth announcements to invites, so they were a no brainer for this event.  We are going with a Sandcastle theme (We do live at the beach!) and when I saw these I knew we had a winner...
I decided to take it to the next level and make the plain white envelope as cute as the invite itself.  I ordered Ows her own PSA custom "Roman Deluxe" stamp and then a set of the "Anchors Aweigh" Peel & Stick stamps.  Add a cartridge of Royal Blue and Holiday Red ink, and we were ready to personalize!  I also went to the craft store and bought a red and royal blue pen to write the addresses (won't Mickey & Minnie be so excited they scored an invite?!?)  Lib has always been a big fan of completing the envelope with a coordinating stamp and, I will say, she is right!  When we took the invites to the Post Office to mail them, the good old Liberty Bell just didn't quite fit, so these sailboats just completed the theme!  Oh, and just to thrill the kiddos (and annoy the Mommies) I loaded the envelopes with confetti!  Just a sneak peek at the fun fiesta ahead!  More personal party planning pics to come soon, I promise it's gonna be good!

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