Thursday, August 18, 2011

Personalizing The Porch

Is there anything more Southern than a front porch?  Our neighborhood is full of them, as well as most other neighborhoods here in the south.  Ours may be small, but you will still find me sitting out there watching the kids play and the neighbors ride or walk by.  Some of us girlies here in the neighborhood even have "Porch Dates."  Yeah, there is wine and a lot of chit chat included.  But seriously, could there be a better way to spend an evening with friends than catching up while rocking in a chair?

Our neighborhood is what's considered a TND (Traditional Neighborhood Design) where the lots are smaller, the homes a little closer together and with large open parks and squares throughout where everyone meets up and runs their pups.  The homes are also Charlestonian in design and tend to look a bit alike after a while.  In my everlasting crusade to leave my personalized mark on this world, I have found my latest obsession!

The Monogram House Flag!  How chic is that?!?  We also have funky, fun and colorful ones as well!  And why stop at that?  What about the stoop?

Oh, and don't worry, not all of them are so girly twirly, these are just my faves!  We have lots of other designs and color combinations that your husband won't roll his eyes at.  Wouldn't these be a great house warming gift or even a quick face lift for your own front porch?!?  A cute topic of conversation during one of our "Porch Dates"?  (Though there is very rarely a lack of conversation topics with our crowd)  Oh!  Also for the porch dates...

Our Acrylic Wine Cooler to hold our beverage of choice and to keep it nice and cool for the next glass.  I mean, if you're going to do it, you might as well go all the way, right?  You could even add our acrylic glassware and serving tray.  Then the guests will really be impressed!  Alright, going to chill tonight's bottle and get set for my dates to arrive...what shall we discuss tonight?  Hmmm....I'll keep that personal!

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