Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our Favorite Gifts For The Holidays

Well, the time is upon us and I am currently looking at our Christmas Tree and a pile of presents waiting to be wrapped to go underneath it (there is a never ending to do list this time of year, right?) I LOVE buying gifts for people and honestly find more joy in watching them open their gifts than recieving them myself.  I am going to apologize to my friends and family members in advance, as this blog is going to let them know what they are getting (so stop reading now if you want the surprise! HA!)  You all know how much I love a personalized gift and this year we have a slew of products just waiting to be personalized at every price point!

This year Ella has two teachers and in the past I have made crafts for them, but this year I came across these adorable monogrammed scarflets and at $24 each, they are a steal!  How cute are these?
They are available in brown, aqua and red.  We also have these clever monogrammed scarf slides for only $11 each!  They are such an easy way to update your favorite scarf and another great teacher or mother in law gift!
Speaking of mother-in-laws, Rick's Mom will be getting one of our beautiful aprons with her monogram on it (of course) and at only $25, that's a pretty good deal!
Meanwhile, all of the men in my life (brothers, brothers-in-law and father-in-law) will all be getting our monogrammed rosewood pocket knife.  I gave one to Dad for his 60th Birthday and he just loves it!  They are beautifully made and have 11 tools, plus they are only $22-not bad!
And the kiddos in the family are getting the super cute splatter craft aprons.  They have three pockets in the front and are perfect for everything from cooking in the kitchen with us to finger painting their hearts out.  Oh yeah, and these are only $16.99!
I hope some of these products have sparked ideas for you and can help finish off your list of who's been naughty and nice.  Ground shipping can still get to you in time as long as you place your order by December 14th!  I have about half of mine here now and need to wrap them up before Owsley wakes up (trying to wrap presents with a 14 month old teetering around is not so much fun!) but feel free to email me with any questions you may have and know that I will personally email you confirmation of your order before we go into production!  Happy Holidays to all and good shopping as well!