Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break at the Beach

There is no doubt about it, that little ground hog was wrong this year.  Spring is here and I am more grateful then ever that my years in school are over and done with.  As soon as we wake up each morning, I open the windows and the storm door on the house and let the sun shine in.  And then I begin to pack up for the beach.  I can't help it, it's compulsive and obnoxious, but this year I am bound and determined to take where we live for all it's worth!
Of course I bring my little partners in crime with me and they are loving every second of it.  Ella has learned how to spell her name at school, so she is even more in love with the beach gear now that she has her own towel and bag.  What a great way to be a beach fashionista and hold your place in the sand than with one of our huge 71" by 35" beach towels that proclaims your name or monogram
And why not carry it in a coordinating canvas beach tote that might as well have your name on it as well?  This is my favorite bag, it's 19" x 14.5" and is the perfect size for anywhere, but it holds all the sunscreens, toys, snacks and all the jazz that a day at the beach with the kiddos requires
There is one other bag that makes it's way to the beach and pool with us daily, and yes, it would be the cooler duffle.  Seriously, what is a day the beach with out a beverage in hand?  I have gone college throw back with ours.  We have a red cooler with UGA in black block letters, but wouldn't it be cute to have your sorority or frat name on one?
And speaking of beverages, Preppy Plates has a whole new line of insulated tumblers we have just added and they are awesome.  16 ounces of preppy happiness.  There are an astounding 54 different pattern and monogram options and make an amazing gift (especially to yourself-wink, wink)  This is my personal fave
Cute, right?  Thanks to Bethenny, there will be a Skinny Girl Margarita in this baby before long.  But if that's not quite the beverage you like on the beach and you require a coozie?  This one has me (almost) wishing I was back in college on Spring Break in Florida.  Have a set of these made up for the crew you are partying with and you are golden!
Sussie and I actually had a set of these made as a Thank You gift for our girlfriend, Lauren, after she hosted us at her family's beach house last month.  We had them personalized with the house name "13 Palms" and are looking forward to getting back there.  It was about this time last year that we were there and I took this gem of a picture with Uncle RT
I can already feel the sand between my toes and sun on my shoulders.  Now to get those bags packed...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Party Ideas with Preppy Plates

They're here!  We are the newest carrier of Preppy Plates.  If you haven't seen these before, get ready for a new obsession.  I first saw them at a friend's house back in October and started the hunt because they had to be mine.  Then Lib saw them last month and fell in love too.  When this happens, we know we have found a product that we NEED to carry.  Check these out
Are they not gorgeous?  What an amazing way to freshen up your dinner table just in time for spring and to inspire you to set a beautiful table every day.  Family dinner is very important to us (Ricker knows to be home by 6:30 every night) and I love setting the table for each season.  I actually just broke out the spring table cloth, candles and cute little bunny salt & pepper shakers.  Now I am stuck trying to decide which of the 58 (yeah, that's right 58) patterns I am going to order to match.  I'm pretty sure we are going with the yellow wave with green monogram
They just inspire me to go pick fresh flowers to finish off my table scape.  Preppy Plates not only have a huge selection, they are also melamine and dishwasher safe.  They come in a 10" dinner plate, an 8" salad plate and a 20 oz bowl.  And once you get going with these, the possibilities are endless.  What about hosting a bridal shower and setting the tables with your gift to the bride...a set of plates with her new monogram adorning each place setting
Mom went to a shower a few months ago where the bride recieved a set and they were the hit of the party.  They are also a great way to personalize a special event, like one of those landmark birthdays...
It might make the sting a little more pleasant when the table looks this pretty.  And the kiddos are not left out by any means.  The founder of Preppy Plates started the company to get her children more excited to come to the table each night (and stay to finishe their meal.)  Plus it gives them ownership of the place at the table.  Here's just a sneak peak at the kid's collection
There are 33 other options for boys and 32 for girls, it makes it so hard to decide.  I personally adore this one for our girls
Sports fanatics aren't forgotten either.  There are 13 cute (but not too cute for the tough little man in your house) options for almost every sport out there, or this one for the kid who plays on every team
Do you understand our obsession now?  While it's hard not to look for just yourself, they really do make an incredible gift and they come in sets of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12, with deals as you order more.  Speaking of more, Preppy Plates also carries coordinating platters, acrylic trays and hard board coasters to finish off your table.  Now just to go add those so we can help you to be the ultimate hostess and guest-start designing!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Then Comes Baby In The Baby Carriage

Isn't she lovely????  This is Miss Emma Louise who arrived just before we went out of town and we are more than thrilled for her sweet parents and lucky big brother.  It truly seems like just yesterday that we were hosting a shower for her Mommy, Erin.
Krystal and I threw this shin dig to celebrate the impending arrival and went with Miss Emma's room color scheme to decorate and I, of course, used PSA stamps to decorate the invites.  I also used the lime & pink dual ink cartridge to set the tone!  The Carriage Peel & Stick pack is perfect for everything from shower invites to birth announcements and even Baptism invitations!
Speaking of shower's, this weekend is Krystal's turn!  They are expecting a sweet baby boy in May and I am having such a great time picking out gifts for all of these new little bundles!  Shower gifts can run together after a while, so I really like to do something that stands out.  It's fun to start out with one of our monogrammed buckets and fill it with all kinds of goodies!
From there the possibilities are endless, from a monogrammed baby blanket to a personalized bib...

To my absolute favorite...the Orbit Labels.  These things ROCK!  They come in so many fun colors and are quite possibly the most practical item I have come across in a long time.  They fit on almost every type of baby bottle AND sippy cup, so they grow with your kiddo.  And if baby is going to daycare or Sunday School, they are so much fancier than the masking tape with sharpie-lol!
I actually gave another girlfriend this exact bucket with all of these fillings for her shower a few months ago and it was too cute!  No need to even wrap it, just add a bow to the handle and you are set!

It's also great to welcome the baby with a special keepsake.  Ella has her monogrammed silver cup on her special shelf in her room
And Owsley, with her wild curly hair, definately could use the silver plated brush and comb set!  My Mom actually still has her set on her dresser.  These truly are gifts of a life time!
Not to mention that they are beyond affordable!  Now I just have to figure out what to get for Miss Emma and then for Krystal!  So many choices.....oh and even more choices are on the way!  We have a HUGE new vendor coming on board and they are going to take our love for all things personalized over the top!  Sneak peek coming soon!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage....

After a lovely vacay with my hubby in Sedona, Arizona, we arrived home to reality.  Kiddos, laundry, emails and a big pile of snail mail.  While I normally shy away from that pile of bills and junk mail, this time of year my eye is drawn to the beautiful envelopes (quite often with a PSA return address stamp on them) that are sure to hold good news from friends. 

PSA Stamps really are perfect for these events and the Peel & Stick packs make them so versatile!  How amazing to  be able to change out the center of your stamp for every step of the wedding adventure!  The gown for shower thank you's, the rings or the cake for the actual invites, the Mr & Mrs for the wedding thank you's (you get my point.)  Anyway, in that ugly stack was a wedding invite from girlfiend from high school!  It was a beautiful navy and lime green invitation that layed open like a book-makes me excited for what is to come on the actual day!  It also brought to mind all of the gift giving that comes with a wedding...

Gifts for the showers, gifts for the groomsmen and bridesmaids, gifts for the guests, gifts for the couple, and on and on it goes.  Part of the reason we founded Little Miss Monogram was just for this reason and we have some great ideas and options...all of which are totally personal.  For the couple as a shower gift I love the monogrammed champagne flutes, perfect for their first toast! Or the monogrammed wine cooler...

Picking out gifts for your wedding party can also be tasking with the long list of To Do's that are already on your list, so we have some creative options for the couple.  For the groomsmen, a flask or business card holder...

And for the maids, why not make them comfy and chic while getting ready in this monogrammed terry cloth wrap (oh yeah, that flask comes in pink tooin case you were wondering...)
We are now also thrilled to announce that we can help with the decor and favors for the actual wedding!  Hello monogrammed cake toppers and coozies galore!

How great are the coozies???  They come in sets of 25 and don't worry, if you're not tying the knot or living in South Carolina, we have other options!  My girlfriend is going with these, as she is getting married in the Low Country and changing the ink to the lime green to match the wedding's color scheme (yes, we can do that!  All things personalized, right?)

Oh and did I mention there was also a baby shower invite for Krystal AND a birth announcement for sweet baby Emma Louise in that pile?  Off to compile all the options for babies, man I love this!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Be A Hostess With The Mostest - Sip & Shop

Our first Sip & Shop kicked off with a bang on November 10, 2011.  We had a great group of friends show up and there was some sipping and shopping going on, as well as some good girl time.  Since then, we have been asked about doing home shows and are so pleased to announce that everything is set and ready for y'all to host a Sip & Shop!
We will bring and set up all of our merchandise and be on hand to answer any questions or to help make decisions on the ever important monogram choices.  We will also bring our full display of PSA Essentials Stamps, Inks and Peel & Stick packages.
We have individual catalogs for your guests to browse through and we walk through the ordering process with you to ensure that everything is as it should be on the order.  Oh and did we mention the Hostess Gift?!?  $100 worth of PSA Essentials products...of your choice and personalized just for you!  Also ladies, it may not be a bad idea to (hint hint) tell your hubbies to host a show.  With Valentine's Day and Mother's Day coming up on us, we can help the fellows pick out the perfect gift that shows some real thought!

We are ready to take your order so email us at or send us a message on Facebook!  We love a good party so let's plan your Sip & Shop!