Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break at the Beach

There is no doubt about it, that little ground hog was wrong this year.  Spring is here and I am more grateful then ever that my years in school are over and done with.  As soon as we wake up each morning, I open the windows and the storm door on the house and let the sun shine in.  And then I begin to pack up for the beach.  I can't help it, it's compulsive and obnoxious, but this year I am bound and determined to take where we live for all it's worth!
Of course I bring my little partners in crime with me and they are loving every second of it.  Ella has learned how to spell her name at school, so she is even more in love with the beach gear now that she has her own towel and bag.  What a great way to be a beach fashionista and hold your place in the sand than with one of our huge 71" by 35" beach towels that proclaims your name or monogram
And why not carry it in a coordinating canvas beach tote that might as well have your name on it as well?  This is my favorite bag, it's 19" x 14.5" and is the perfect size for anywhere, but it holds all the sunscreens, toys, snacks and all the jazz that a day at the beach with the kiddos requires
There is one other bag that makes it's way to the beach and pool with us daily, and yes, it would be the cooler duffle.  Seriously, what is a day the beach with out a beverage in hand?  I have gone college throw back with ours.  We have a red cooler with UGA in black block letters, but wouldn't it be cute to have your sorority or frat name on one?
And speaking of beverages, Preppy Plates has a whole new line of insulated tumblers we have just added and they are awesome.  16 ounces of preppy happiness.  There are an astounding 54 different pattern and monogram options and make an amazing gift (especially to yourself-wink, wink)  This is my personal fave
Cute, right?  Thanks to Bethenny, there will be a Skinny Girl Margarita in this baby before long.  But if that's not quite the beverage you like on the beach and you require a coozie?  This one has me (almost) wishing I was back in college on Spring Break in Florida.  Have a set of these made up for the crew you are partying with and you are golden!
Sussie and I actually had a set of these made as a Thank You gift for our girlfriend, Lauren, after she hosted us at her family's beach house last month.  We had them personalized with the house name "13 Palms" and are looking forward to getting back there.  It was about this time last year that we were there and I took this gem of a picture with Uncle RT
I can already feel the sand between my toes and sun on my shoulders.  Now to get those bags packed...

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE that cooler tote. Have used it many times already. Thanks for carrying it in your store!