Friday, August 5, 2011

Taking "Back To School" Personally

It's that time again and after my fifteenth Target run this week, I think I have their entire back to school collection memorized.  I am having nightmares of Ella coming home with other kid's items because everything looks just alike!!!  Not in this household!  We are taking things personally and going to stand out from the crowd (even more so than normal-HA!)  This week Little Miss Monogram is featuring all of the must have products to get us out of the Disney Princess Death Grip but also to help you be stylin' in the dorms!

This Ditsy Dots water bottle screams your child's name, while being uber practical.  I know we have three or four of the bottles floating around the house, but they don't have a name on them and I never take them to the park for fear that someone else will have the exact same one!

These lunch boxes are such a sight for sore eyes...and I literally mean sore eyes.  If I have to stare at one more Princess Aurora lunch bag, my eyes just might get torn out.  How about the old school metal lunch box made modern with a great splash of color on the top and then, of course, the monogram?  Miss Molly will be sporting one of these this year while Ella is toting the pink polka dot lunch sack with her name in lime green!  That should make lunch time a little more interesting.  And who says they have to be just for kids?  I am eyeing one myself.... Oh to be back in school!

After finding these items for the college kids, I was really wanting to go back (not that The University of Georgia didn't have me there for long enough in the first place, but that's a whole different story....) Remember living in the dorm?  Having to use the communal bathroom at the other end of the hall?  Toting all of your bath gear to and from each time? How about these solutions?
The terry cloth wrap is elastic under your arms to stay in place while you make the trip down the hall (and while you do your hair, make-up, you know what I'm saying...) We have in in pink and aqua!  Plus you can put your initial and name on it and go crazy with the thread colors.  Wait, there's no reason I can't have one of these, right?  Oh and the bucket, it's monogrammed and the perfect size to hold all of the bathroom necessities!
And remember lugging laundry home every few weeks?  Yes the dorm had facilities, but who wanted to sit around and wait for laundry to wash when Mom was just a car ride away?  These adorable monogrammed laundry bags are the perfect way to make the chore a little more fashionable.  I also keep one of these in my suitcase when we travel.  They are great for keeping all of the dirty clothes separate from the clean and for making my life a lot easier when we get home-no sorting!

Let's be serious, this time of year can be hectic! Between remembering who is doing carpool which day, when ballet is, when the dogs' have their check up, ummmm when is date night?  Yeah, it can get pretty muddled.  PSA is there with us and they have the cutest set of Peel n Stick stamps to help you get that calendar marked and your life in order!  (They also have a stamp for "From The Library of..., how cute for marking the kids' books for school?)
Off for my final Target run for paper and markers (you should see the way this kid goes through markers!) and the other goodies from the teacher's list.  Is it time for them to head back to school yet?  This Mommy needs a break!  Maybe shopping will bring me peace....hmmm what to personalize next?  Ideas?

Oh and by the way....the personalization of your products is on the house!  So no excuses-Personalize EVERYTHING!

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