Monday, August 29, 2011

Into The Mystic...

What a fabulous weekend!  Any trip to Atlanta with the kiddos and Ricker is guaranteed to be fun, but add the Whitley's to the mix and it's over the top!  Our dear friends Craig and Lisa Whitley joined us at Mom & Dad's place in Downtown Atlanta to celebrate the wedding of Rush & Jessica Wall.  Ricker, Rush, Craig & Lisa all grew up in the same town and have known each other since middle school.  Well, maybe not so much Lisa (the guys have a few years on her, but I didn't say that...)  So we all got dressed up in our wedding finest (after some moaning from the boys about having to wear suits) and turned out quite dapper if I do say so myself.
We headed over to the gardens at the Frazier Center in the Highlands area and were stunned at the gorgeous setting!  There were a few tents set up with antique bronzed candelabras and bird cages and chandeliers and, well you get the picture.  Between the lush green gardens, the white tents and the decor, it really was breath taking.  We were treated to a true southern feast, too.  There was some mac n cheese that was TDF and the grit bar (yeah that's right, grit BAR) gave topping options such as collard greens, goat cheese and pancetta!  YUM!  There were also signature drinks for the sipping.  Highly impressive wedding, I must say.  Knowing how much they love food, I thought this would be an excellent gift for them to put to use in their kitchen
Something that they will hopefully use daily and remember those of us that were there to share their special day with them.  It was like a middle school, high school and college reunion all wrapped up in to one for all of us.  Rick has known most of the guys there for more than 20 years and since joining up with the gang in college, I have been blessed enough to know them all for more than a decade.  They are a wonderful group and though we don't get to see them often enough, getting together with all of them at weddings make it that much more special.  Rush & Jessica looked amazing and were just giddy to have everyone there.  My personal favorite moment of the night was when Jessica surprised Rush with a cover of an all time favorite song blended into their first dance.  I still have goose bumps as I think about watching them dance, Into The Mystic....

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