Monday, September 26, 2011

Tough "ONE" To Top

When you name a child Owsley, you must take the responsibility of doing things differently for that child.  Her first birthday party was no exception!  You have seen the crafting and the invites that have led up to the big day, but now I can share with you the beautiful pictures and reactions that came along with her big day.  The Sandbox Party Room was transformed into a nautical wonderland and our favorite local bakery (Ronnie's) took our ideas and ran with it.

We also took it to the next level by adding her Monogram to the top of the sandcastle with our Little Miss Monogram Acrylic Cake Toppers.  The whole name would have been cute, but can you imagine the size of the cake that would have required-ha!

All of her friends began to arrive and they played through out the Children's Museum.  It's always so much fun to see the babies that used to roll around next to each other now share toys and give each other hugs.

After some play time and Mommy catch up time, it was time for Ows to smash her cake.

There was very little smashing, as she's kind of a light weight!  She was sugar wasted!!!!  Not long after, all of our friends began to head out, but not before we gave them all of the favors we had been working on.

Then, the greatest thing started happening that evening!  Friends were calling to say how much they enjoyed the CD mix and the Orbit Labels.  Even better, a few of them sent us pictures with their Orbit Labels in use

Here is Miss Emma Rose with her pink Orbit Label on her pink sippy cup (the girls likes pink, can you blame her?!?) And then there was Silly Uncle Mike who sent us this shot

You know, in case he forgets his last name?!?!?  Interesting new use Uncle Mike!  Good to know that they are also a highly fashionable accessory!

On a serious note, we appreciate everyone that was able to join us for this ever so special day.  We love all of you and thank you for the love you have shown our precious baby girl!

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