Monday, September 12, 2011

Off The Grid And Into The Garden

Sometimes you have to unplug to recharge.  The summer came to an end so abruptly and school started up with a force and I needed to get away.  The girls and I loaded up for what was supposed to be a three day weekend in Atlanta for Labor Day with my family but stayed a little longer.  A week longer to be exact.  The weather turned to fall over night and the crisp chill in the air had Mom & Dad's place in North Georgia calling my name.  Rick came back to reality here in South Carolina and the girls and I loaded in to Mom's car and headed North.  It was the best idea we have had in a while.  Oh, and did I mention that cell phones don't work there (darn!)  We went for walks, fed the animals, got in the garden and cooked up a storm.  Mom has a garden that is to die for.  It takes a lot of up keep by her and Dad but the bounty is beyond worth it.  Gin decided to take the girls down there first thing in the morning and see what all was ready for harvest.
Owsley loved the organically grown bell peppers and couldn't wait to try them!  We love that Mom and Dad have decided to do everything so naturally!  Ella really appreciated the Tommy Toe tomatoes!
Child parked herself in front of the bush and cleaned off every ripe tomato in sight!  We also found a beautiful spaghetti squash just ripe for the picking.
All in all it was a successful day in the garden.  Mom decided it was time to pull up the carrots and there was a plethora of okra.
With all of these goodies, it was time to hit the kitchen.  We literally spent all day with the girls cleaning the veggies and finding different things to do with them.  Some of the okra was stewed with the tomatoes and vacuum sealed for the freezer.  The rest Gin pickled and canned (Southern, yes, but one of my favorite snacks in the whole world!)  Ella had fresh carrots dipped in ranch dressing for snack and for dinner we stuffed the bell peppers with rice and meat and had baked tomatoes!  It was so rejuvenating I cannot even express it words.  Easily the cheapest therapy I have ever had! 

As a thank you, the girls and I are having this PSA Stamp for Mom made so she can stamp stickers to put on her canned goods or on a card hanging from a basket of fresh veggies that she often delivers to friends and neighbors.  It's the least I can do for giving me the gift of her time and her knowledge!  She's a pretty great Mom, if I do say so myself, and gives me a lot to live up to!  Our schedule may be a bit off kilter but our minds are right on track!

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