Friday, September 16, 2011

Mommy Madness!

Today was an absolute riot!!!  We were invited to a play date at our dear friend Kelly's house and it was a play date to remember.  The hospital where both of our daughters were born offers this amazing Breast Feeding Support Group for all of us new moms.  The leader, Jean, is heaven sent and it is a weekly meeting where we can weigh our babies, ask questions and bond with other mothers that we never would have met otherwise.  All of our babies are a few weeks to months apart and as much all of us moms have become quite good buds.  We have fondly renamed ourselves "The Boob Group."  It has been such a blessing to see all of these precious babies grow together

Those same babies met back up today for the play date but this time Kelly was ambitious and we had a turn out of 11 mothers and 13 children.  Yeah, it was every bit as hectic as you can imagine!  Lunch was served with the child friendly menu of Chick-Fil-A nuggets, hummus, apple sauce, guacamole, raisins and brownies (thanks for that sugar rush Kell!)
Then there was the free for all play time!  It was madness!  Kelly is much more of a woman than I will ever be due to the fact that she just let the kiddos go and enjoy themselves.  I am more of a follow them around and keep order in my house type of person so don't expect to see a play date of this proportion at our house...ever!  Lol
It was at this point that I was grateful for our monogrammed sippy cups as there was more than a little confusion about what belonged to who.  Kelly and I even started a lost and found baggie as we did clean up.  All of these kiddos will probably be getting one of our sippy cups for their first birthday!
After play time we decided to take all of the little bits into the back yard for a photo opp.  Have you ever heard the saying "like herding cats" or "like nailing jello to a tree"?  My new one is "like getting 13 toddlers to take a group photo!"  It was truly hysterical watching all of the moms try to get their kiddos to sit still while Kelly bounced around behind me with a dancing monkey to get their attention.  Classic!  We took about 30 photos and this was our best one...seriously
How cute are these kids?!?!?  I mean to see how much they have grown in just one year is phenomenal!  I can never thank my fellow Boob Groupers enough for the support they have given me in this first year and the true first friends for my little girls.  Won't it be a hoot to see if any of these faces will be seen in the same pre-prom photos in 16 years?  Miss O has her eyes on pressure though-HA!

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  1. So much fun! As soon as Sophie is old enough to use a sippy cup I will definitely be getting tons of these! :)