Monday, October 3, 2011

How Do I Love Halloween, Let Me Count The Ways....

Halloween may be one of my favorite holidays of the entire year.  Why, I truly cannot figure that out but I will tell you that is has been a life time obsession of mine.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not all into the fright night, gothic, ghosts and goblins's more like carving the pumpkins, roasting the pumpkin seeds and making the pumpkin bread.  And now that I have kids, its all about finding the perfect costumes for them.  We also love to break out all of the fall decorations for inside and outside the house.  There is a whole tub in the attic waiting to be brought down this coming weekend!

Last year, Rick went all out for Miss Ella's pumpkin and carved her a Tinkerbell Pumpkin.  It was quite the beauty compared to the other three in our family patch out front, but she deserved is pretty close to her birthday after all.  As much Ella had a Halloween themed third birthday last year.  We had it on Halloween, so all of the kiddos came in costume and ready for some treats (and tricks....)

Soooo cute, right?  The pumpkin buckets had double duty as they were filled with favors and had all of the invitees names on them to use that evening.  This year the girls will both be collecting their goodies in our personalized buckets
These will look so adorable with their matching Strawberry Fairy costumes (don't worry...plenty of pics to follow!)  But back to last year's birthday party, the tricks came out when we played quite possibly my favorite party game EVER!!!!  We tied donuts to a string, hung from another string, made the kids stand with their hands behind their backs and eat their donuts....
It was epically hysterical and required about three boxes of baby wipes to clean off their faces, but we all adored it!  Afterwards, we went our separate ways and gathered up enough candy to fill their buckets a few times over.  Maybe that is why I love Halloween so much, it is always so memorable.  Last year more than ever so, as it was our first holiday as a family of four.

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  1. Such a great party last year! Looking forward to another great Halloween with AMAZING costumes!! Working on some poodle skirts now!