Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little Miss Monogram Goes To Paris

Paris is my kind of place!  On my first trip to Europe, it was the perfect place to start!  In addition to my dearest friend Libby, we were accompanied by our beautiful mothers on the vacation of a life time.  The four of us toured the city for 5 days and boy did we cover some ground!
Cynny and Libby have been to Paris on a few other occasions and with their guidance we did that city the right way!  We toured the Louvre, the Pompidou, the l'Orangerie and (my favorite) the d'Orsey.  I never knew that I enjoyed art as much as I did once I saw it all up close and in person.  The Impressionists really hit a home run with me, but it was thrilling to see all the different era's of art in such amazing surroundings.
We also visited all of the required sites (like the proper American tourists that we are.)  We stopped by the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dam and the Eiffel Tower.  We also made it to the top of Paris and went to Sacre Coeur, which grabbed my heart for the beautiful setting and amazing stain glass.
Now, to the good stuff.  Literally, the good stuff, like Foies Gras, Escargot and French wine in plethora!

The eating was phenomenal!  I have never enjoyed so many consecutive meals.  We went to so many different places ranging from the local dive to the most she-she of establishments.  Strange thing was, the small, local places were our favorites! They just had the intimate feeling that all of us had in our minds when we conjured up what a Parisian meal meant to us.

Between the sight seeing and the eating, we even managed a touch of shopping!  While perusing the streets, we came across some famous monograms
I love finding a good monogram anywhere!  It's just a reminder of how a few simple letters can make such a mark!
All in all, it must be said, that this one truly goes down in the books as one of the greatest trips ever.  Making memories for a life time with friends of a life time!  C'est la vie!

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