Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ella's 4th Birthday (PSA Essentials Cupcake Style)

It's official, I am the mother of a big kid.  No more toddler talk for Ella, though we have known for a while now that she is quite grown up.  Sunday afternoon she gathered her favorite girls for an afternoon at the ballet school.  All the girls came in their princess/dance attire and I may have even been caught donning one of Ella's tutus...
Miss Jess (our dear ballet teacher) led the girls in an hour long dance class where they danced themselves silly!

I had a blast doing all of the decor and favors, shocker I know, and put the colors pink and purple to work!
I had each of the girls places set with their favors...a tiara and a wand, of course!  I tied them together with a simple pink bow and labeled them with a key chain stamped with crowns and pointe shoes from the PSA Peel & Stick Cupcake set.  It is the ultimate in girlyness, with leotards, purses, cupcakes and butterflies, oh my!

It was tu tu cute (pardon the pun, I just had to!) and Ella had such a great time with all of her buddies!  She is such a big girl now and I am so proud to be her Mommy!  Happy 4th Birthday Ella Bell Ballerina!

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